First Legacy Community Credit Union
Location 431 Beatties Ford Rd., .Charlotte, North Carolina 28216  

Why Join

Why should I consider joining a credit union?

By belonging to a credit union, you may start a systematic savings program that allows for a deduction from your salary for deposit into the account that is open at the credit union. Therefore, when you receive your paycheck, your savings have already been deducted without you having to make the effort to bring in a deposit. For those employees that work a 10-month year, all deductions are made for just those ten months.

Once you’ve paid your fees and opened your Share Account (savings account), you are eligible to apply for loans and take advantage of all other services.

Who is eligible to join the credit union?

Any individual who lives, works, worships or goes to school in any of the following counties can become a member: Mecklenburg, Rowan, Iredell, Cabarrus, Catawba, Alexander,  Davie, Gaston, Cleveland, and Lincoln counties. Also any members, spouses, children, or retired persons of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority or AARP may join.