What fees are associated with my accounts?
You can review out Standard Disclosure Statement for Share Draft Accounts for information on dividends, fees, overdraft protection, check clearing policy, and stop payment policy.

How do I apply for loans?
First time borrowers must come into the office and complete a full application, bring evidence of income (i.e. current pay stub, copy of contract, etc.) and a $15 application fee. After the application is reviewed, the potential member will be notified of the results.

How do I get payroll deduction?
You must fill out a payroll deduction card at the credit union which we in turn will submit to the payroll department of the school system. It is your responsibility to inform us of any changes you want or need to make. You are also reminded that if any loan payments are not deducted for any reason, the member is responsible for making that payment.

What are Share Draft Accounts?
Share Draft Accounts are equivalent to checking accounts at the bank. To open a checking (share draft) account, it is mandatory to have a picture ID. Once the account is open, drafts may be ordered and the account can be used as any other checking account.